Springtime Means Air Conditioner Tune Up Time

April 25, 2017

Why you should get an A/C tune up in the Spring

The Spring is the best time to get your air conditioner tune up and here are the reasons why:

TUNE UP TIME Picture with flowersYou’ll be prepared for the warm weather.

A licensed technician checks that everything is working properly with your air conditioner when you get a tune up. It’s best to start your a/c unit up in the beginning of the season when it is clean and working efficiently. This will help you rest easy knowing that it will be running properly for you as soon as the warm weather hits.

It reduces the chance of something going wrong during the summer – when you will literally feel the heat.

Every time you get your equipment tuned up, the technician will check to make sure that nothing is going wrong. If there is an issue, it’s better to find it before it escalates – like anything – than having to resolve it after it causes a potentially bigger issue.

No one likes having to call in the middle of the summer because their air conditioning is not working. You’ll be hot and cranky and worst of all, you will have to pay for a service that could have been avoided with a free clean and tune.* Most of our “no a/c” calls come from people who did not have their equipment cleaned or tuned that year.

But even if your air conditioner is working perfectly fine, it’s always recommended to get one clean and tune each year. Regular maintenance helps keeping your air conditioner running longer.

It helps you save money.

The more efficiently your air conditioner is running, the less energy it takes. The less energy your home uses, the cheaper your energy bill will be.

The best way to make sure that your equipment is up to par is by getting it tuned up annually. Without that, you may not know if something needs attention.

 More appointments will be available.

Our technicians become very busy in the summer and winter times. So, scheduling your tune up in the Spring helps you pick the best time that works for you. If you call during the summer, we will do everything we can to help fit you in. However, our availability will depend on existing appointments and emergency calls.

Make sure your clean and tune appointment is at the perfect time for you, by calling early and scheduling before the busy season hits.


*When you sign up for one of our annual service safety and efficiency agreements starting at just $129!