Snow Won’t Stop Us From Helping To Keep Our Customers Warm

March 15, 2017

Snow Won’t Stop Us

This was us yesterday in the snow storm. 17527521 - silhouette of a man in heavy snow storm.(Okay, this isn’t actually our picture, but this is essentially what we looked like.)

It’s nothing new. Whenever snow hits, we still expect to be working and available to our customers. It’s our promise to you when you sign up with us, and something we take very seriously.

Behind The Scenes View When The Weather Forecast Calls For Snow In Our Area

When the forecast calls for snow, we kick things into high gear here at Haly and Great Valley Propane. We spend the few days leading up to the storm trying to fill as many tanks as we can. If you have a bad driveway that we have noted in the past, we will try to get your delivery out to you before the harsh weather hits. We like to know that you have enough fuel to get you through not only the storm, but the days afterwards in case your driveway remains icy and too dangerous to drive on.

Our Call Center handles one call after another and the rest of the office staff normally jumps in as well, to help as many people as we can. We put our customers first (another promise we stand by) and then try to accommodate as many new customers as possible.  Our drivers stay out on the road as long as they can and our service technicians help one customer after another, trying to get everyone’s equipment up to par before the storm.

When the snow hits, our management team carefully keeps their eyes on the road conditions.  Trucks are kept out until they have to be pulled off for safety concerns. At that point, we go to plan b: the four by four. Our special 4×4 truck can handle the harsh snowy roads and is sent out to emergency run-outs only.

In the meantime, our Call Center remains accessible to all emergency calls and emails — no matter what time of day. In this business, we understand that you’re never really off the clock. We do what we can for all of our customers and try our hardest to keep everyone’s family safe and warm during winter storms.