Introducing Dr. Rex, Our Newest Team Member In Quakertown

March 23, 2017

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Our Newest Team Member in Quakertown

Dr. D’Agostino, who quietly admits to being a native of New Jersey, completed his doctoral program at the University of Notre Dame specializing in the utilization of biophysical tools and models applied to the study of viral oncology.  From the home of the Fighting Irish, Dr. Rex, as he has been called by his friends and acquaintances, embarked on a multi-year career developing high technology businesses, products, and markets in such fields as Ultra fine filtration, waste management, In Vitro diagnostic products, and in the most recent years, the application of renewable and fossil energy resources with a focus toward residential, institutional and corporate sustainability.  Dr. Rex has held senior executive positions such as President of the Graver Companies (five worldwide operating divisions devoted to water and fluid purification applications to the Utility Industry (Union, NJ),  Senior Vice President Marketing & Sales for Evergreen Solar (Marlboro MA), one of the few U.S. based manufacturers of solar power panels and modules, and in recent years, President & Executive Director of the Sustainable Energy Fund of Central Eastern Pennsylvania based out of Allentown, PA.


Recently, Dr. Rex has become a member of Haly Home Comfort and Great Valley Propane in a sales, marketing and business development role. Haly, a family-grown organization is dedicated to the processes providing energy resources to residential and commercial customers. Haly Home Comfort, in business since 1985, focuses on customer service, not by words but by actions.


Dr. Rex also has assisted other organizations develop products, markets and businesses focused on renewable and fossil fuel technologies such as (1) ASTM 6751 biodiesel and other biofuels, such as B-TANETM, produced from waste vegetable oil, as well as (2) the start up of The Association of Restaurant Owners for a Sustainable Earth (AROSE), an enterprise focusing on assisting commercial restaurant owners generate a more sustainable approach to waste minimization and energy generation.


Rex was the past Treasurer and is now the current Secretary to the South Whitehall Board of Authority responsible for providing water and sewer resources to over 5,000 Township residents. His passions include the application of energy technologies within the Commonwealth as well as focus on sustainable communities and their application in northeastern PA.


When not working, Dr. Rex has been an active general aviation pilot, Coast Guard Certified Captain with a 70-Ton power and sail certification, as well as a PADI certified open water and night diver.


Written by Rex D’Agostino