How To Use Oil Price Protection To Your Advantage

July 29, 2016

If you’re not in the home heating industry understanding how pricing options work can be confusing. You may not fully understand all of the options that are available for you to save money. Those of us who do work with oil forget that this is not a topic that people find themselves well versed on. We understand that it can be confusing, which is why we’re going to lay out our pricing plans for you.

Variable Pricing also known as Market Pricing: With this option you call us when you need a delivery. This means that the price per gallon of oil will fluctuate with the market. Typically, prices increase during the winter months and decrease during summer. With this option you do not need to be signed up for Automatic Delivery, although you can if sign up for FREE if you don’t want to check your tank.


CAP Pricing Auto Credit Card. This is a way to guarantee you never pay OVER a certain price. If you choose to go with this option your price can only decrease with market fluctuations, but it will never be over the agreed upon amount. There is a fee associated with this option of $125 per year. By using your credit card you will save $.10/gallon.

CAP PRICING 30 Day Grace Period. Once again you never pay over a certain price. You’re price per gallon for oil can only decrease, but once it reaches the capped price it will stay there. By choosing the 30 day payment option, we give you a month to send a check, pay with cash, or call us with a credit card number. The fee associated with this option is $125 per year.

Automatic Delivery: It’s free to sign up for Automatic Delivery if you don’t want to sign up for a Price Protection Program. This option allows you to have market pricing and allows for you to keep your tank throughout the year without having to keep an eye on your oil levels. It also guarantees that you’ll receive deliveries in the harshest conditions because WE CAN’T LET YOU RUN OUT or we have to pay you $50, and we really don’t want to do that!

Automatic delivery customers must pass a credit check before enrollment. Enrollment pends on credit score, although if declined, we do ask for a refundable $500 deposit to enroll for Automatic Delivery. Our market prices are competitive for the area and are of course are subject to change. We all saw what happened to oil prices last winter. This year take precaution and sign up for Automatic Delivery and one of our Price Protection Programs.

To learn more about our Price Protection Programs give us a call at 610-251-0342. Find out how we can save you money this winter!