How To Keep Warm in Winter

January 21, 2020

1. Dress in layers

Bundle up. Wear long underwear, sweaters, and even a cap or hat to keep your head warm. If you’re headed outside, cover your face with a scarf.

To avoid getting overheated inside, wear layers. Just don’t layer yourself so much that you’re pouring sweat.  The idea is to keep your body warm AND dry.


2. Keep Your Feet Warm

Wear slippers indoors. Having a rubber sole really makes a difference.

Wear warm socks.  Your feet sweat which can make you feel cold even though you are layered up. Wool socks or “smartwool” keep your feet from sweating.

Having warm feet and hands help you sleep better. So, whether it’s socks or a warm bath, make sure your feet aren’t frozen when you get in bed.


3. Heat Up Your Bed

Don’t turn up the heat for the entire house. Use an electric blanket that turns itself off. An even cheaper and safer option may be a hot water bottle with a wool or fleece cover.


4. Harness the Sun

During the day, open the blinds and curtains on the south-facing windows. At night, close the blinds and curtains to better insulate your home.


5. Keep the Kitchen Cozy

Put a cast iron pot of water with liquid potpourri on the stove. This increases the humidity in the room and puts a lovely smell in the air.”

Drink hot chocolate or tea.

Bake something in the oven.


6. Block Drafts

Beyond weather-stripping, which is difficult with old houses, consider the following tips:

Given that hot air rises, hang blankets to close off the open stair well going to the second floor. This will keep the warm air down stairs. 

Roll up a blanket or towel and put it at the bottom of outside doors where the cold air pour in.


7. Stay Active

Get your body moving.


8. Humidify Your Home

A humidifier won’t make the temperature higher, however it may make it feel a bit warmer. Water vapor from the humidifier slightly increases the airs ability to hold heat.

Keep pans of water or cans lined with large baggies around the vents to add moisture. 

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