Heating Oil Prime & Start

September 4, 2022

Today, you’ll learn one simple maintenance tip to keep your oil furnace working at top efficiency, especially if your furnace runs, then shuts off and starts again. An oil furnace prime and start to clean the oil line from the fuel pump to the furnace. You may have heard of this as bleed a furnace or prime and light and oil furnace. So how to prime an oil furnace is to send a licensed oil technician to your home, ideally from Haly Oil.

If you’d like to save 15% on priming your oil furnace and most other oil furnace repairs, then you might want to consider a Haly Oil Service Agreement. You’ll get access to our 24/7 emergency service in any season, and it comes with a complimentary Annual Clean and Tune for your heating and cooling equipment.

If you’re in Pennsylvania or Maryland, call Haly Oil to learn more about how our service agreement can save you money this year. Just call (610) 251-0342. We’re here for all of your heating needs.