Family Activities For Single Digit Temperatures

July 29, 2016

fortsapartmenttherapyToday is one of the coldest days on record and it comes without saying that many people are fearing this cold weather by bundling up at home. As they should. When temperatures reach all-time lows, like today’s -22 degrees, it’s not the moment to be spending time outside. Not only is there possibility of getting sick or even getting frostbite. A down jacket and an unlimited supply of hand warmers won’t keep you warm on days like today, so what can you do? The answer? Stay inside and stay warm with a few of these family friendly activities.

Make a night out of building a fort. Your kids will love it and you’ll get to snuggle up inside. Bring books and read them in your fort or bundle up to watch a movie. Make it a themed activity. Watching Pirates of the Caribbean? construct a ship to sail through the movie. Watching Ice Age? Forge a cave that will keep you warm, but most importantly don’t forget the snacks. Popcorn and hot chocolate top off any fort building day.

After a long day of work kick up your feet and start up that fireplace. Just thinking about this our toes here at Haly Oil have already started defrosting. Add a pile of blankets and you’re set for one toasty evening.

Take the time to make something special with your family. Treats like homemade brownies and chocolate chip cookies are easy to make and give you an activity to do when it’s too cold to go outside. Let your kids stir the batches or let them decorate their own cookies. For some great ideas browse Pinterest on easy and fun recipes for the entire family.

Play hide and seek or sardines. This will really get the blood pumping because the worst thing to do when your cold is to wallow about how cold your hands and feet are. By playing and indoor game, preferably one like hide-and-seek that doesn’t threaten to break any of your household décor, is a way to pass the time and to get you and your children away from vegetating all day.

Winter has never been as fun as it is now. With a few simple ideas afternoons blanketed under snow and freezing temperatures can be more fun than they ever were before.