Do I Need a Whole House Generator

August 29, 2022

Power outages can create unnecessary chaos in your household. Haly Oil explains the value of a whole house generator and breaks down the sizing that is best for your home. Learn about getting a generator installed for your home.


Power outages can leave your life in chaos. Often caused by severe weather, a loss of electricity means the internet goes down, food spoils, you’re driving 20 minutes to take a shower, and cell phones and laptops can’t be charged.

If you’ve ever experienced this, then you understand the value of a whole house generator. They provide enough power to keep it ALL running, so you can work remote without the interruptions.

Whole house standby generators work by turning on automatically when the power is lost. Their sizing is based on watts, from 16 kilowatts to 22 kilowatts. The best home generator for you depends on how many electrical systems you need to power.

Here at Haly Oil, we sell, install, and provide the fuel for generators. You can buy new for as low as $125/mo with financing.

Look to Haly Oil for all of your standby power needs.